Water is my secret weapon. I love its fluidity, its unpredictability. The joy of mixing water with pigment, whether watercolor or acrylic, drives most of my art. I watch as it travels silently across the paper, powered by its own sense of direction. I have I learned to let the water speak for itself. It goes where it wants to go.

I have a curious mind. I paint what I want the world to be. I paint with strong color, strong shapes, strong composition. The bits of paper, fabric and other fun stuff are added, just for good measure.

As a Kentucky woman who now calls California home, I’ve built a California sense of openness and belief in possibility on a solidly southern foundation. I care deeply about issues of our time, primarily the challenges facing Earth because of the impact of climate change, a theme that appears in many of my paintings. A life-long feminist, I care about women’s issues and social justice and these too appear frequently in my Prot.

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