I spent the beginning of the pandemic frozen, unable to move, paint, create. I joined a group of people in Benicia in making cotton masks for medical and other front line works when getting protective equipment was difficult. Eventually there were 75 of us and in the course of seven months, have made 17,000 masks. I can’t take much credit since I am a slow and unreliable sewer but being part of this project made me feel like I was doing something to help. And it inspired me to get painting again. I began researching how humans have always worn masks, for protection, for disguise, for war, for appeasement to the gods and goddesses, for ceremony. I started painting masks, first ancient Celtic masks, a series I intend to continue and build upon and expand into other cultures.




Green Man



Ancient Celtic masks
Acrylic on canvas
Each 12” x 12”
Each $215

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